As an Ilonggo, Guimaras Island is our refuge from stressful a city-life. 

It became a dwelling place not only for the locals but some celebrities and foreigners as well.  

Guimaras offers variety of products and sights, from the sweet mangoes and other tropical fruits, delicacies, dried fish, The Trappist Monastery, shooting and sports ranges, caves, beautiful world class white beaches, hiking adventures, extreme sports facilities, festivals, plantations, historical landmarks, picturesque light houses, Mansions, and peace-loving people!  

Guimaras also became known not only in the Philippines but in the entire world, when M/V Solar devastated the virgin island with oil spill, the worst in Philippine History.

One of the most popular festivals in Guimaras Island is called “PAGTALTAL sa Guimaras”, a yearly event to commemorate the crucifixion of Christ.  

The agony of the pilgrim starts in Ortiz Wharf, taking long hours of queuing while grilling yourself from the heat brought by Mr. Sun plus smelling the not-so-good aroma of other people.

After taking a five to ten minute-motorized banca ride, the real and holy pilgrimage starts.  A pilgrim shall take a spiff and rocky trail about thirty minutes to one hour. 

Along your way up “bala-an bukid” are the stations of the cross, one shall take a little prayer or novena and sometimes light a candle.

It feels like heaven when you reach the mountain top. At the top of the mountain is a small church one can take a solemn prayer and confined yourself from the challenges you’ve gone through (but during this time I don’t think it would as solemn as you expect). 

If fortunate, you can climb and take some fresh air at the balcony of a gigantic concrete cross.

Experience heaven at the top of Bala-an bukid; where you see holy statues and take a breathtaking perspective of Iloilo City.

The main attraction called Pag-taltal sa Guimaras, a Christ crucifixion drama is held also at the top of the mountain. The drama starts from the Poblacion of Jordan, Guimaras by around twelve noon, and then by three in the afternoon the REAL CRUCIFIXION happens right at the top of the mountain.        

After the holy celebration, one can take some plunge of Guimaras’ beautiful WHITE BEACHES or take some souvenirs like fruits, dried fish and delicacies available at the foot or sometimes along mountain tract.

Experience Guimaras at its finest!

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