Jaro Metropolitan Cathedral: Iloilo’s Grand tower of Faith!

Jaro District is one of the most popular Districts of the City of Iloilo.  The Popular Millionaires’ row is found in this district, the Lopezes, Montinolas, Jalandonis among others.

Iloilo’s pride, GRACIANO LOPEZ JAENA is also a native of Jaro, Iloilo City. Biscocho Haus a popular pasalubong delicacy is found in Jaro and the famous Central Philippine University housed the biggest Library in Western Visayas is also in Jaro.

Historic Jaro also houses a symbol of  Ilonggos’ Faith, The Jaro Metropolitan Cathedral. 

Jaro Cathedral was built in 1874 under the management of KKG. Mariano Cuartero O.P., the first Bishop of Jaro.  The church suffered destruction brought by an earthquake in January of 1948 and was repaired in 1956 by the order of KKG,  Jose Ma. Cuenco, the first Archbishop of Jaro.

Jaro Cathedral is one of the most unique churches in the Philippines, the belfry is separated from the church itself.  The belfry is located across the street.  Its belfry is e tallest edifice in the area serves as a watch tower for sea raiders.

Jaro Catheral became famous when then, Pope John Paul VI celebrated a mass in 1982.  Visitors and church goers never leave the church without going up to the Balcony and take a little prayer on a life-size statue of “Nuestra Senora Del Candelaria”.  This statue believes to be miraculous.  According to the locals, the statue was placed in a small niche atop the churchfront, over the years they noticed that the statue have grown in size, thus when the statue is longer fit the niche, it had to be brought down to where it is place now.

Every February 2, Jaro District celebrates the Feast of Our Lady of Candles.  Grand celebration is held every year.  

Come VISIT Jaro!

Photos courtesy of HAWILI HUROM

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